Live`s but a dream for there is nothing it means

No place to stay all the ways lead away

Nothing that burns, just touch me to hurt

Just fists to fight to paint black the light


Sounds hit down on the ground ro smash the crowd

Too noisy, too loud but no-one cares about

No sounds of sun, no reasons for fun

Cause we got nowhere to run when we`re in front of a gun

I feel a wall...


We dream of natures laws, dream of eagleclaws

but eaglewings are cut by your vulture kings

Poisened Lands in devils hand

In your gods name we know it`s all just the same


Men got will to fight before you numed their minds

Now I walk through our streets, dead bodies I see

The best of men are sold, the lies are told

This world is as great as the earth is a plate


I fell a wall...

Shot me down!


Keep me awake, you got to keep me in motion

We fight our fate, we swim these ocean

The wall is still big and it bricks are still black

But blood is boiling for a blind attack


The pain runs through my veins deep inside my heart

Is let out through my hands as I tear you apart

Dragged in civilwars we waste in undergrounds

with no solution left to be found


I feel a wall...


Born with steel in our minds we`ve been let down to the show

Give up hope and feel little better now

Keep your eye away from all the problems you had

Change the dream in your head to a gun in your hand


So we bomb their black cars, break them open

Cover beauty in scars for our dreams are stolen

Setting cities on fire running churches to the ground

Until all your sick dreams are forever drowned


I feel war!

Shoot them down along their wall