She knew him since the time that their were childs

She never expected him being wild

She never wanted him being so tight to her lips

She was too weak, couldn`t free her hips


So friends hands tear clothes apart

Friends tender flesh is mangeled hard

Life is never so sure, her trust was her trap

As he allowed her to go she wished to be dead


One voice in her head tells this again and again

Second shouting for vengance, third to get her insane

Her heart pumps shit through her veins, cold fever burns

She scrapes off her skin where his touches still hurt


Mud on her lap drys and seals

The more it gets harder is the less that she feels

And the air she breathes as all her love fades away

Has the smell of his flesh, the smell of her decay


And she`s alone now

She`s gone now

She`s dead now

She`s a corpse now


And all my gods cry out in pain: How could this happen here?

After all these words of love and friendship that I had to hear

How the enemy could ever walk so deep inside our lines

Where we`ve talked of peace and justice oh so many times

Where we pretend to be so much better then the rest of our race

Self-deception will be our grave


This was so long ago when I finally saw his face

With every second I see why I hate this race

My friendly smile will be my alibi

I wanna smell the sweat that made her die

I tell you a little story about a voodoo-doll

Which was tortured and made someone else fall

I try to explain that the needle was yours

I am the flesh in what it defours


Maybe you failed to see: Dominotherapy

Because I heard you laugh behind the gaze of memory

I really can`t find something to laugh about

Feel the needle move and I got to tear it out


Maybe you don`t understand that a razor cuts your skin

Maybe you don`t understand that you are punished for your sins

But you understand your cock inside the garbagecan

And your blood on the walls:

Don`t mess with godness again!


Some of us know your name...