Now it looks like you can finally laugh again

Like a godess you are dancing in the rain

The world is just the background for your self-worshipping-show

The victims are buried down below


A smile it grows inside me just watching you pass by

You control circumstances get whatever you desire

I'm sure you know what I know, it's written in our eyes

Truth is just the product of a million thousand lies


You are like a melody made of broken hearts

You increase manipulation to the finest art of arts

You can steal your best friends boyfriend they will all say:

"It's allright!"

If there's need to take position they will all stand on your side


For every used-up fool a next one's waiting in the line

Sometimes you really make me feel that your heart's as cold as mine

When we are alone, maybe we both know what we're dreaming of

But for you got my respect, you cannot get my love


One black heart pumping dark blood through our veins

Directions diffrent, but the way is still the same

Human hardware running programs written in hell

Me and the riddle of "A Big Angel"