New Song


Come around and see, see what you meant to me

Come and enter the woods, see me hang in a tree

I just tried to reach you, I just tried to be true

You fooled me in times I need you to cry


I realize that moment, pink laser burns my hands

Monkeys fight in my head, i go crazy or dead

Feel the trash of my heart, feel it`s wasting apart

When I try to explain why I left this game


Songs suck!


I remember the cable that made me able

To move again, defouring into my brain

She tortured my senses to give me new chances

Made me feel overdrive and pushed me back into life


Now I hear you there talking, now I see you there walking

It`s cutting deep for a second and I think we are no friends

I got nerves made of plastic, got a view so electric

Got no sense for romantic, yeah I am but synthetic!


She made me feel overdrive and pushed me back into life!