Master`s Calling



Shadows in fog

Unknown faces, smiling reaching for this man



Holy rain

Smashing the mirrors, fading pictures

And a pray fot decay


Fear in my hope when I catch your meaning

Got satisfied to exist without getting real

But a scraping noise, her darkened voice

Gets me out in the night just to play

And in the golden dawn I feel cold and alone

She won`t stay


Smashed face

I`m unimpressed

Leatherstrips hide my wounds, I feel no pain


Leaving my room

Leaving my world

Leave my heart, leave my soul

I am to go home



Fool you are

Fot you taught me to be what you want me to be

What no-one is


No commands

Even enough comments

To get me nervous, to be trouble

To get me dead


Yellowed letters

And forgotten words

What you mean, what I mean,

What do they mean at all?


Push me downstairs just to stand above me

Get my insides outside just to critizise me

You`ll never find a light in this corpseyou are tearing apart


Her voice shall tear you apart

Her voice shall tear you apart

Her voice shall be poison you drink

Fire that burns you down


Forget all your dirt, forget all your crimes

And all the things you got to hide

For your only destination is a driveling little hole

That gulps and belches you good-bye


No fear, no hope, no meaning

I`m satisfied to see: Nothing is real

But the scraping noise, her darkend voice

Gets me out this night to play

And in the golden dawn you feel cold and alone

The light inside you is dead...