The moment that we met

For the first Time in this life

Seems so far away

The secrets that we keep

Inside 'till our hearts break

Will last for all days

Sometimes in the cold nights

Still feel you by my side

But we can't cross the gates

The moment that we met

In this life's like in all lives

and always to late


And I always pray for a day

To meet again let me explain

What I forgot to say

This thing is byting deep inside

And slowly eating me alive

Oh god restart the game


These kisses in the moonlight

A small piece of my heart

Destiny came tearing it apart

Waiting is weekness

Never trust a heart

The medicine to heal me

is waiting

in the past


The moments that we had

Stay undead run my head

keep me in this jail

These crossroads are my home

They're all gone here's no-one

To show me the way

All these eyes that pass by

Know they lie give delight

Just to let me fail

These undead made bad plans

To destroy our moments

When I'm leaving this jail