This is the longest night and the oldest letter

I carry it with me the last thing that matters

Everything else is lost to the fire

Lost like our leaders lost in their lies

Always remember the days that we talked and embraced

Remember this voice that called me an angel

But not for longer you`re this little girl

And even under the angels there are few carrying flames and swords


Surrounded now by enemies thoughts

like knifes cutting into our hearts

Hard to keep this trail between the worlds

Where shadows talk and the touches hurt

War`s getting harder maybe we need to escape

Need to run from these storms of terror and hate

Still following you, my guiding light

Leading me through this darkness back to the light

But I always come back, back to the scene

Where my childhood died, where I`ve been on my knees

Made up my deal with the demon of mine

the ruins of red ruling the moonless nights

Falling in front of her fullfilling her fate

Bound forever to the blade

No longer want flesh, bones and blood

Just me and my cold black empty heart


Please believe that I still feel pain

And please believe waiting`s not in vain

We can fight the world of lies

We will reform as it dies

The powers to which I pray

Will raise and our weakness will fade

No fate can keep us down

When in her all the anwsers

are found