There's no way to say

How I feel, it's unreal

Close to the edge

Of a world that hurts

And the days go by so soon

While at night I howl to the moon


Fear the light

For the shadow beside You

Will die and you'll cry

For your soul, now you're getting old

Eternity seems to be

Lost and you'll need

An access by excess

But no matter: You're gone!



It spreads from my wings

Flying high to the sky

While I sing:

Killing the light for you


The sun

Burns your skin

The dead flesh within

Boils your blood, it is time for a cut

Don't be sad, be dead

I don't care anymore

For you're not

What I thought you could be



You drown

In the seas that I see

And it's me who walk the shores

Watching you crying, dying

It's so inspiring

A world without you, now it's real

And it feels so good...


Never you were asking why I listen to your call

Never caught the meaning of it al

Never you got clear how your fooling makes me feel

Never you were standing to our deals

Never saw the angel in battle with these beasts

Never gave a shit on whats inside me

My minds now nearly broken I`m heading for an end

But my heart it still knows better, better then me, my friend...