And It Rains


This saturdaynight I would fly with the angels

Bored with life and the sick dream to succeed

In the game we`re playing just to play on

Run for something that`s already gone


Just a few days ago I flied with the demons

We fled from the light dived into the shadows

I remember I thought I saw somebody I loved

But I can`t remember the feeling I had about it


The time between will be lost in the dust of my broken heart

Just a day and we`re apart


Tomorrow I know I will find some kind of new friend

And I will know from the start where it all has to end

So I still can`t put my heart so deep into things to come

Even if I still, I still would have one


All this is passing me by without a touch

All this is never meant to mean so much

All this won`t be so hard, can`t bring me down

For I know she will be here to safe me from drowning