Scarlet Letters


She got with child by a strange man

No-one knows his name

He came and gone like a shadow

In a candles light


She beared her child at a cold night

The sky was clouded

And no light touched the earth


Then the dawn pushed the night away

And the priest passed the ordeal

Condemned in the name of Jesus Christ

She got marked with a brand


Her soul dormended she died of pain

But no-one cries for her

She was buried and granced

And nobody cares

Nobody`s christ


No-one cries for heaven


The priest grew old and so he died

Many lovers were mourned

They prepared the corpse they saw the brand

Grown into sacred holy flesh

But they don`t understood, they kept their lies alive

They closed their eyes

And after a while they kissed their souls goodbye

Heaven will not cry


Heaven cries for no-one

Heaven decays!